We are a world wide conscious Experience that creates model sustainable communities in rural areas in a new location around the world each year.

Each community provides educational programs for the surrounding towns, 7 exotic Eco home models that guests can stay in, an orphan guardian program where we will give children not only a home but a family, animal sanctuary and breeding center for animals on the verge of extinction, and reforestation projects. 


We are dedicated to creating educational support systems that inspire fast growth and radical change.


We create communities of abundance and plant seeds that will grow into a new way of thinking, living and connecting with each other and the plants and animals with which we co-exist with.


We will capture and film each step of the project for you to experience with us.  Follow your donations and see up close the difference you are making in the world.

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We are here to help YOU make a change in the world. 


We provide children a family and community where they can be inspired and learn how to live a balanced, healthy, happy life. 


We encourage you to join the family and to experience a new way of life. It is sure to inspire you for the rest of your journey.      Read more...


We offer a rescue and conservation for animals on the verge of extinction. Creating education experiences to inspire . 


We provide education for the people living in the surrounding areas and for our visitors

We are one, connected to each other and all life.

Everyone is capable of making a difference in the world.

Our 7 model exotic eco housing structures are home to orphans and their guardian families and guests. 


We demonstrate different options of sustainable farming that others can duplicate.  We also support the surrounding farms and villages.


Our family nurtures its passions by creating organic products that can be sold in order to help sustain, support and expand our communities.



"Be the greatest version of yourself in every moment" 

Our culture encourages people to be conscious of themselves and the world around them. It comes from a collective of many native traditions from around the world. 


Create a lifestyle that benefits and balances all life.

We  are responsible for learning to adapt, connect and become one with ourselves and all that surrounds us. 

Our plan outlines the steps that will be taken to create and develop our Infinite Community.

Does this benefit me? Does this benefit others? Does this benefit the planet and all life within it? 


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We are grateful for your support in creating an Infinite World.


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