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We base our culture and community values on what we call ConRa. (Con) meaning connected or togetherness and (Ra) meaning the highest energy or version of yourself. This culture is about becoming the greatest versions of ourselves, while understanding that we are all one and connected with the world around us.

We believe that all the wisdom you need in life is already within you and to find it you just need to go back to the basics; live in the now and follow your passions. True happiness and love is something that is already inside of you; you just have to remember where it is.

ConRa flows through the Infinite Family to inspire our community to create a more equal, sustainable and conscious world.

Here one can experience a culture that cultivates happiness, gratefulness, abundance, understanding, unity and love. Find yourself, learn to love yourself and connect with the elements around you.

Our community will serve as a place where people can clear their minds,

 heal, connect and focus on developing their passions to continue to
inspire the

To create the highest Conscious vibrational culture in the community we:

*Create a smoke free environment. Medicinal smoking can be taken in 
ceremony in certain locations. Spirits still healing  from smoke
can smoke outside the community 
*Fill our bodies with a  healthy plant based diet 
*Handle situations that arise as a unit, remembering that if one person
messes up its a reflection on the whole community, not just that one
*Give to the communities around us. We are a reflection of the 
community when we are in town. Where we act with the highest 
awareness of love and kindness. 
*Any plastic brought onto the community will stay and become art 
We follow the African philosophy and ancient saying:
                      “I am because we are”. 

Our Pillars:

 Our culture is built on 3 pillars for a healthy, happy and meaningful life:


Body - Vitality

We inspire everyone to remember the connection we have with our bodies through a healthy lifestyle. By focusing on what we are eating, how we are moving, and breathing, we can live life to the fullest. We should understand and take care of our bodies. We do this by eating organic, family-farmed foods from our land, practicing yoga, deep breathing, dancing and other activities that get your heart and body in motion.


Mind - Awareness

An open, clear, positive mind is capable of creating anything.  By silencing the noise in our minds we can see our path and feel the love and happiness around and within us. Our family believes that we should live in a way that supports each other's passions. By staying conscious of how we are thinking, we can create a mind that is free and ready for anything the world brings us.


Connection - Love 

We believe that we are all connected with each other; we are all one, therefore let's act from a space of love and compassion. We learn and grow together by supporting each other's passions and goals. How can you be truly happy if a part of you is sad? We honestly and peacefully express ourselves, which helps us to understand and learn from one another. We follow the African philosophy and ancient saying: “I am because we are”. 

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