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         WHY PERU?


~ Animal Extinction

~ Deforestation

~ Child Sex Trade & Mining

~ Lack of Education 

               OUR GOALS


~ Breed & Reintroduce to wild

~ Re Forestation

~ Provide Healing and homes

~ Educate and Advise  

​We chose Peru as our first project location because this is where spirit has lead us. We believe that spirit has guided us to this land as our first project to act as our guide for future projects. This is a place where the energy is high and the people are open to learn and grow. A place that we can be of great influence. It's the perfect place to plant a seed of transformation to then spread its seeds around the world. 

  • Child Sex Trade and Child Mining​

 Their is a large network of people selling there children into the sex trade and mining fields here. This problem comes from the same place most problems do and that is lack of education and money. We will be working with an organization to provide the children that are rescued a safe place to grow up and heal. We are unable to give much info on this subject online. For more info please contact IE team. We are looking for Healers, Guardian Parents to live on site next year. We also will be working on education platforms for the poor to give them opportunities to work or alternatives for them other then selling there children. 


  • Deforestation and Animal Extinction

Below are just some of the animals on the verge of extinction. We have found that deforestation and hunting are the cause. Cow farming, Palm oil, Coffee farming, Hunting for food, fur etc and hunting from lack of education. We hope by creating a platform for people to learn other forms of making money, changing eating habits and showing people the importance of the co existence of plants animals and humans we can create a new mindset and ability for better protection of the animals and planets here in Peru. We will be breeding and re releasing the species that are endangered into areas with guardians to protect them as we re forest the surrounding areas and make new jungles for them to thrive in.  


We are Guardians of this land in Peru

We belong to this land and this land belongs to us. We care for it, re forest it and it nurtures us. As you can see this land has been completely deforested leaving only small chunks of jungle where the last animals cling to their lives and homes. In each little chunk of green there is endangered animals. We will re forest the 106 hectors and with your help continue to buy and reforest the surrounding areas. 

We are buying 106 hectors that includes 3 waterfalls, large chunks of deforested land and many hectors of separated jungles. These jungles are being cut down every day! 

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