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The Infinite Family is focused on creating abundance for all life.

We have created an interactive Animal Rescue where we will be taking in hurt, abused or abandoned animals and releasing them back to the wild when they are ready. We also breed animals on the verge of extinction and release them back into the wild At Partnered Locations.  


In doing this, we are showing members of our community the value of life while giving them an opportunity to have something to care for and love. This will teach them a sense of compassion, responsibility and  connection that they can apply to their lives in many ways.  

                                            Our rescue center will be open to learn more about:

  • Different kinds of animals                                             

  • How we relate and connect to them.                           

  • How we can all live together                                       

  • What it takes to create balance in our eco-system.   

  • Re-Forest and return Program

Our Goal


Our goal is to first support local andtake in animals in need of our support and to create a balanced eco-system by releasing endangered animals back into the jungles. 

~To breed many species of endangered animals and release them back to the wild. 

~To create a coexisting platform for people to learn about the local animals and how to coexist with them. 


If you have experience with animals or have a passion for this field please visit our Volunteer page and contact us.


We have partnered with Forever Amazon and they have an overflowing amount of animals whom they have already rescued and given medical treatment to. This center is only a rescue and healing center and the animals here are ready to be placed in pre release enclosures for release into conservations or to be given sanctuary in a new location with jungle homes. After funding we will begin to work with FA in providing for these animals.


Please Donate so we can move them to better enclosures!  

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These Animals will join the IE Family as soon as we are open in Peru! 

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