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We ask how can we become more sustainable both individually and as an organization?


  • We agree to live in a manner that is Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly. This means living responsibly while considering the short and long-term effects of our decisions for our planet and all life within it. This includes constantly working on creating a positive environment and community and keeping a healthy mind, body and spirit.


  • We agree to Consciously Co-create. This includes living in a proactive, co-existing manner. Keeping our minds open and creative while being our most loving and authentic selves, honoring others, and supporting constant growth in each other and ourselves.


  • Contributing our Skills and the Power of Our Thoughts to consciously share perspectives and approaches that are positive, inspiring and solution-oriented so that they enrich and improve our shared environment and collaborative process for everyone.


  • Having an Open and Respectful Communication with others and having a creative and effective group involvement. We focus on learning from each other, appreciating each other, and creating an empowered future for all.  


  • We agree to practice Honesty and Integrity. This means demonstrating maximum responsibility for our own actions and decisions, thinking and acting positively and proactively and consciously choosing how we respond to things.


  • We agree to approach community life from a Perspective of Love. This includes honoring other people’s feelings, developing our own self-love, and using connection to the world as a guidance system.

Our Values




We Pledge


      To create balance and abundance for all life on our planet!


  • To Passionately live upon principles of Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Commitment and Respect in order to encourage a sustainable positive change in the world


  • To Courageously forge a path into the unknown, embracing the idea that we are all connected and all a part of each other, joining individual ideas and passions to create a new way of living, thinking and being


  • To Enthusiastically create one mind and one heart aligned with a vision of abundance in all areas of life, love and consciousness


  • To Align our being with Kindness, Love, and Compassion


  • To Be the change we want to see in the world


  • To Speak loudly for the health and vitality of our planet and all life that is within it


All Love, 

Your Infinite Family 


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