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We operate a model sustainable farm that we use to show people different farming methods such as Hydroponics and and roof farms.

We are focused on feeding the community the most nutritious organic products.


We believe that producing our own range of diverse foods serves as a path to increased health, vitality, biodiversity and global food security.


We also support our surrounding farms by using their grain and other items that are not yet grown on our property.


Fruits & Vegetables


We grow basic organic fruits and vegetables to feed the community a healthy diet and to produce goods to share. The amount of crops will vary according to the number of residents in our community and the demands of the year.



Herbs & Cacao


We grow many kinds of herbs that provide healing and holistic medicine for our family. 

Cacao is a product that we grow for many of its health benefits as well as a source of income.  


Why are we a plant based community?


It has been found that meat production and animal product consumption in the world is not only unhealthy but not sustainable. Studies show that as the population increases, the consequences of mass cow production have a hindering effect on the environment.


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