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We are building a variety of eco-friendly housing structures. These will be home to orphans and their guardian families and guests. These models are built from resources that are readily available and cause no damage to our eco-system.


Each structure will have its own unique theme and design, which creates a balance and connection to earth and all within. Some may include earth-bag, straw bale, cob, adobe brick/earth block, subterranean construction, tree-housing and earth-ship.


Each sustainable home will have a user-friendly blue print including the information required for you to learn about and potentially replicate it for yourself.


Each of the community homes are:


  • Off-grid innovative energy-saving designs

  • Built as an expression of art and beauty

  • Maximal use of recycled and reclaimed materials

  • Cohesive building with nature, not over nature

  • Compact living surrounded by tons of space

  • Communal living vs. individual living structures

  • Duplicable

We would like to demonstrate how to build into nature, using the trees as a base and center. Building into or around them and incorporating the nature into the house. We can use rooftop farming as a alternative for growing  some crops that would normally require the removal of trees. 



We are demonstrating many sustainable options for creating energy for your home such as solar energy, wind energy and hydropower.


We will be demonstrating different kinds of circular water systems where we will reuse the water gathered many times and show how to filter it for the use of  community. We will get our water from wells, rain water and add new water demonstrations as they become come known. 


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