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As the world is constantly growing and developing, we are responsible for learning to adapt, connect and become one with ourselves and all that surrounds us.


Our purpose is to create radical change 

~To create communities that educate people in all stages of life by providing an example of how to live a sustainable, healthy, happy abundant lifestyle

~To provide not only a home  but a family for orphans to not only survive but thrive! 

~To create eco model homes and farms for people to come learn how to build them while healing and working on their own life 

~To rescue, breed and release animals on the verge of extinction back into the wild.

~To buy and reforest lands that have been deforested and buy land that will be deforested and protect it. 

We realize that the only way to move forward in the world is to understand the importance of community and have a sustainable mind-set.

We believe by introducing animal welfare and rehabilitation to the youth at a young age they will be inspired to take action in protecting our planet and all the animals within it.  Not only will the Children be helping healing the animals but will be finding a purpose having something need them. 


We believe that everyone should live their lives from a place of passion and empowerment in a way that develops their natural interests and talents. People should realise the truths of life in order to learn and grow together in a community that shares as one. This includes all forms of life and the environment around us.

Our Goals


  • End deforestation through education and protection structures and reforestation

  • Buy land in danger, reforest land thats been deforested

  • Educate people on living in an abundant sustainable way 

  • Take in 28-100 displaced children and give them families in the community 

  • Breed and rescue animals that are on the verge of extinction and release them into the wild 

  • Create 7 kinds of eco housing structures and demonstrate how to create them

  • Create model farming and energy systems 

  • To create a new festival and community in a rule area each year

  • To create a blueprint for people to live life in a happy, healthy and eco-friendly way

  • To inspire guests and visitors to follow their passions and dreams that align with the planet 

  • To help other groups create their own local sustainable communities


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