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Our programs are designed to not only give children a place to survive but a place to thrive! 


We are devoted to supporting and upgrading orphanages around the world and eventually bringing children that are in need in to live within our communities. We inspire children to live a lifestyle that promotes a healthy awareness of the mind, body and environment. We surround the community with the love and knowledge that encourages learning life skills that can be passed on to the world.


Our US Location will support our future partner orphanages around the world untill a comunity is built in that country. 

The Process 

Children between the ages 0-16 will join one of our partner orphanages where they will begin the processing faze. They will be fully assessed on mental health and physical health, visit the doctor and have anything that is in need of healing begin being taken care of. Our partner orphanages will then start the process with the government to have the children be available for adoption. When the children are available for adoption they will be prepared for re location into our sanctuary and Guardian homes. Potential adoption parents will be able to choose what 4 orphans to house. All siblings will never be separated and join homes together. Guardians will visit the orphanage with the children ready to be relocated and the children will choose the Guardians they want to live with and at any time be able to change their home situation. The orphans will go through a playful overview process that will evaluate the child's dreams and passions, their way of learning, their past and trauma, favorite foods and what makes them feel happy, their way of feeling loved or showing love. They will then move into their new homes with their new family. 


Guardian Homes

Infinite Elements will be open to house 28 orphans in 7 homes after its second year open and bring in up to 28 more orphans in its third year with 7 more homes at each location. Our second location will take in another 56 children and then will be doubled within its 2second year as we build more homes and bring in more Guardians. Each home is designed with 3 bedrooms, 2 orphans per room and one room provided for guardian hosts. 


Who are the Guardians?

The Guardians will consist of 

-conscious people that are looking to adopt and are open to join a 3 month to 2 year agreement to live with 4 orphans in our community while participating in helping with work inside the community such as working at the front desk for the eco home, teaching child yoga and meditation or taking care of the animals. 

-Conscious part time guardians that will work in the community while providing the children extra love and at home care and healing. This will be a 3-6 month commitment. 

-Permanent Guardian Family that will be a full time Guardians of the full Orphan program. This Guardian will be a long term life commitment to live within the community and provide the kids with security and support. This Guardian house will consist of 4 orphans but will overlook the other 6 homes, keeping things on track and within the value system and training. 


Guardian Family Processing

Each family interested in becoming a guardian orphan host will go through a series of steps before being approved for the position. Each guardian will be fully background checked with 7 person referral calls and need to complete our guardian training program. The program will teach people our Conra culture of becoming a guardian. This includes a course on Child communication, Health, Community care and responsibility sharing, How to guide, inspire and listen to the children, Self healing and wellness. 


Orphan Adoption Program

Guardians will be offered a option of adopting the children they are hosting. In Peru they need to be in care of the children for at least 2 years before they can bring the children into another country. IE can host the family for the 2 year process and provide jobs in the community for the family during that time. 


Orphan Animal integration 

Most orphans are left with a feeling of being unwanted, not having purpose, abandonment and displacement. We provide an integration platform that gives the children a sense of belonging, being needed and having purpose by inspiring them to help in the care of orphaned animals. The children are given small tasks to care for animals that feel the same why they do and through the animals we show them that they are important beings that can help heal and change the world even if its just the world of one life and that their life is valuable. 

We have found that when people are in a place where they are needed by something else that they heal faster and become more secure. This gives them purpose that then creates a happier more abundant life! 

Orphan and Guest interaction

Guests will be given the opportunity to interact and play with the orphans. Each guest will be required to take a training and complete a background check before interaction. This is good to socialize the children and show them how cared for and loved they are. The orphans will be able to perform skits and share songs with the guests that inspire world shift and seed planting. 


Post Orphan care and outreach Programs 

At the age of 16 most orphans are no longer able to be in government based orphanages. We will be providing the orphans in our care that are not yet adopted a place to contiue to grow and find their incineration. We will offer them jobs in the community and connect them to potential jobs that calls to their hearts. 

Community Building 

The children will be supported in a tribal community support systum where the community co cares for the children. The children are given a lot of freedom and support to grow and be inspired by all that surrounds them. The community will be having group meals where the children will be encouraged to connect with each other and their food. 


Green School Education

We will be providing a green school education system where the children can be inspired to become healers and new world leaders of this planet. The children will be individually directed towards their visions, gifts and ideas that align with a sustainable lifestyle. Each child will be given life experiences where they will learn the tools they need to survive and thrive. 


Our Goals


Our goals are to:

-Support and improve orphanagaes around the world

- Create a loving family while providing healthy food, a safe place to live and learn.

-To remove orphans from tight confined orphanages and the streets 

 -To create a learning structure that helps with emotional healing while inspiring each child to find and focus on their own dreams and visions that create world shift.

 -To connect children and animals so that they can learn to coexist. The children help to heal the animals and environment and the animals give the children a sense of purpose and well being. They help the children to deal with stress and express love. 

To find out how we are doing this, view Our Plan!


If you are interested in becoming a guardian, teaching, caring or sponsoring a child or family in need, please visit us at our Get Involved tab.

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