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We are devoted to taking in children that are in need and inspiring them to live a lifestyle that promotes a healthy awareness of the mind, body and environment. We surround the community with the love and knowledge that encourages learning life skills that can be passed on to the world.

Each child will be placed in an Infinite family home with 2 other children. Each home will consist of a guardian family that will provide a support system for the child, life coaching and focus on the specific emotional healing and passions of that child. 

To help give the children a sense of   belonging in the world, each child will be assigned a task in the caring for the animals in the rescue. We have found that when people are in a place where they are needed by something else that they heal faster and become more secure. This gives them purpose that then creates a happier more abundant life! 

Our Goal


Our goal is to create a loving family while providing healthy food and a safe place to live and learn.


-To create a learning structure that helps with emotional healing while inspiring each child to find and focus on their own dreams and visions that create world shift.


-To connect children and animals so that they can learn to coexist. The children help to heal the animals and environment and the animals give the children a sense of purpose and well being. They help the children to deal with stress and express love. 

To find out how we are doing this, view Our Plan!


If you are interested in becoming a guardian, teaching, caring or sponsoring a child or family in need, please visit us at our Get Involved tab.