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Orphan Guardian Program  


1. Provide 7 eco homes for children to live with a guardian family in

2. Connect each child with a animal to support to bring them healing and purpose 

3. Encourage and teach sustainable living and well-being

4. Inspire community-based values of integrity, courage, acceptance, gratitude, understanding, connection and love

5. Share knowledge of basic education and life lessons 

6. Support each person’s interests and talents providing the map of how to create their dreams


  1. 1. Rescue in need wild animals from local areas

  2. 2. Care, rehabilitate and provide a natural habitat and release back into the wild

  3. 3. Breed animals going extinct and release back into the wild 

  4. 4. Assign family members to be reliable for well being and bonding

  5. 5. Educate community about animal and human connection

  6. 6. Partner and support with other animal/environmental organizations

  7. 7. Educate people through interactive programs.



  1. View and select the type of sustainable home to stay in

  2. Join the family through our welcoming ceremony and induction

  3. Participate in sustainable living workshops and discussions

  4. Become one with the family by getting involved with communal cooking, learning and sharing

  5. Connect with our family through their own passions and interests

  6. Review and understand blue prints for sustainable farming, housing, health, and happiness

  7. Visit our café and community store

  8. May become more involved by sponsoring a child, family, animal, hut or tree

  9. Continue their journey with a new mindset to create a more positive and balanced world for all life


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