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Infinite Elements would like to introduce you to our new infinite family at Mi Refugio! Our family here now consists of 62 Orphans that have come from some very harsh situations including abandonment, child sex slavery and abuse. IE will be setting up a website and volunteer platforms for this organization as well as sending funding from the IE projects. I 2021 Mi Refugio will merge with IE in bringing some of the children to live in the community with there new Guardian Families! 


Current Needs

~Mi Refugio has just lost their benefactor and needs help feeding the children ASAP. It costs $3 a day to feed a child x 62 = $186 a day around for food

~They are currently living with no electricity and don't always have access to clean water

~In need of volunteers 

~Website needed 

To help please contact Infinite Elements or Donate with a note that says to Our Kids and we will get the funding to them as they currently don't have a PayPal. 

Thank you for your support, love and connection

Your Infinite Family in Peru 

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