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You will receive:

  • Infinite love from the Amazon 

  • Our weekly newsletter and project updates

  • Shout out promotion on our website of your company. We would love to help support your ideas, projects and company. As long as they align with our new earth vision send them our way and let us help you spread the word!   

  • 10 Trees planted by you during your 1 week stay for 2 in one of our Exotic Eco-homes


Join our community for a magical experiance in the Amazon jungle! Become part of the Infinite Family for a weekend emerged in the new earth society. You will have the choice of experiancing 2 nights in one of our 7 kinds of eco homes! Sleep in the trees in the monkey view tree houses. Venture underground and sleep under a sky of crystals in our crystal caves. . . Ask about our other options when you book! 


We also have workshops, yoga, massage and healing sessions available!

I Am Grateful


    Welcome to your new Infinite Family

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