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Create June is our sprout faze of IE!

Your ticket includes your meals! (bring your own tent, bedding etc or you can buy comfort in your ticket add ons)

Experience the second stages of creating a community! By this time people have already been setting up IE the designs are ready and teams are constructing parts of the community! 

Unite with people from around the world and learn how to build sustainable structures, start permaculture farms and help with festival design and plans. We start each day with meditation and yoga and then head to workshops for the day to complete different projects. At night enjoy performances, educational talks, music, dancing and interactive healing workshops and ceremonies. Weekend adventures to waterfalls, hot springs and jungle exploration! 

We highly suggest that you purchase a I am a Creator ticket that includes: $1,500

~ 3 months of magic as we build IE 

~All your meals 

~A FREE ticket to Gathering of the Guardians 3 day celebration festival!! 

~ Discount for the Equanimity 3 day Amazon Cruze


Create June


    Welcome to your new Infinite Family

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