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Our Team


Our team is made up of innovative thinkers who have diverse backgrounds and experiences. This allows us to come together, understanding a variety of perspectives and to create a culture that is filled with character and passion.


We are entrepreneurs motivated  with a vision to create a project that will increase the quality of life for our planet, while demonstrating a conscious mind-set towards living.


We believe that, as humans, we must use our unique abilities and natural passions to inspire others through our connections and creations.


"Life is short and we are grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the change we are all wanting and creating. Together we will bring some love and balance back into the world". - Kristalynn Love, Co-founder


“I believe that we all have the insight and energy to inspire. We simply need to soften the noise around us, remove the mist from our minds and believe in ourselves." – Kellan Alves

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