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  • founder and Producer Of Infinite Elements, Co-producer Fire flies forest festival

  • Experience: Producer & life coaching; food & nutrition; animal relations/rescue


“I’m a small town girl from Lakeside AZ. My dreams have always been to make

a sustainable difference in the world that gives all life in our planet a

chance to live together in a happy, healthy way.




Life is short and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the change we are all wanting and creating. Together we will bring some love and balance back into the world.


I’m fascinated with our planet and all the beautiful creatures and people within it. I want to show people all the good they can do and are doing by reaching out to help our planet and all within. I believe that everything in the world is connected and we need each other to survive.


We have to start appreciating all life and learning to grow together with it. Taking better care of our environment and the animals that live in it, supporting each other, loving our selves and realizing that everyone is a reflection of that love. Focusing on abundance for all not just for self. I can’t wait to see what we will be able to achieve together in this beautiful journey of life while creating a new way to think, act and be. I look forward to connecting with you all online and having you become a part of our sustainable new world community.”


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