• Co-founder and Director

  • Experience: Finance; Entrepreurship; Marketing; Accounting; Health & Fitness




"I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. At 18, I moved to Sydney to study and work in commerce and finance. Now, I use my love of communication and business to create environments that will encourage a lifestyle of equality, self-awareness and a connection with true happiness in every moment.


I have always wondered about the ‘key to happiness in life.’ I am now committed to bringing society a new perspective to living through meaning and joy. My aim is not to force change but simply to inspire an understanding about the world. I want people to use this wisdom for their advantage while navigating through life.


I believe that our mission is to use this awareness about the world for harmony. We must use our unique abilities and natural passions to inspire through our connections and creations. I believe that we all have this insight and energy within us. We simply need to soften the noise, remove the grim mist from our path and believe in ourselves."