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  • Partner Volenteer

  • Experience: Financial Managment; Human Resources; Enneagram Training; Personalty Types and Conflict Resolution



I was born and brought up in a Portuguese village. Sustainable living was the only thing I knew. I moved to South Africa at 17, and spent most of my adult life there. 

In my professional life as a Financial and Human Resources Manager, I discovered the greatest love of all, the Gift of empowering people. "Teaching someone how to fish" as opposed to "giving them a fish", is a true belief of mine, especially after experiencing first hand how the Gift of teaching can change a person's life forever, in a then apartheid-ridden South Africa. 

My Love for Self Empowerment afforded me the reward of seeing others less fortunate than me prosper, and in that I found the meaning of true Joy. I subsequently went on to learn about the Enneagram and Personality Types, which taught me that we are all different and all have our own gifts to the world. 

In South Africa, I worked with a non-profit organisation that was aimed at teaching poor families how to sustain themselves by growing fruits and vegetables.

I have now lived in Australia for 4 years and am honoured at the opportunity to be a part of the betterment and self-sustainability of more people who I can serve and feel true happiness towards. 



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