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"Music plays a significant role in our event, although it isn't the primary focus. We're dedicated to offering a diverse range of options and music styles for everyone to enjoy and explore. As a non-profit organization, we prioritize investing in emerging artists and group experiences, channeling our resources towards supporting our cause rather than splurging on headliners. We guarantee an experience that promises to profoundly impact your life."

Music goes till 4am on weekends 


***Lotus Lake - Fun upbeat music for dancing and lake party
***Cocoon Cave- Lives bands during the day Deep house and exstatic dance

***Wall of Projections (goes till 4am on weekend)- Base, deep house

***Spirit Falls - Sound healing

We are currently updating our lineup and links to their music 


~Cocoon Stage~

~Lotus Flower Lake Stage~

~Projection Wall Stage~

~Sacred Fire~

~Air Temple~

~Spirit Falls Healing Sanctuary~




10th - 11th July


Come set up early, get to know the land, create a bond with the community, do some workshops and calm sacred fire songs, Permaculture, Tree planting, Ceremonies and Surprises

12th - 14th July


15th - 16th July


Give back to the land, Tree Planting, help clean up, pre pack up, rest, sacred fire and ceremonies

17th July EVERYONE MUST LEAVE LAND BY 12PM unless you are staying for the Retreat

Click me for more info

Glamping Gold includes the 3 day Retreate that happens right after Create

or you can add onto your ticket Gather Retreat



~ Cave Camping by a campfire night...

~ Group walk through the woods, into caves with healing ceremony~

~Silent disco dancing into magical spaces behind waterfalls and through the land with surprises and deep connection~

~Water Party with a DJ on a pontoon boat, kayaks, paddle boards and water sports~

~Archery aiming towards your dreams~

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